Division Names SOME FUN (teams that know how to play slopitch), LOTSA FUN (teams that are inexperienced or no experience at slopitch)

Lotsa Fun games on Q3 and Confed 1&2 will be played with softer balls. If you have an issue with this we suggest you sign up for Some Fun.


1. ALL BATS must be checked and approved by the tournament committee prior to use in the tournament.

2. Format is 6 men & 4 women. LOTSA FUN teams are allowed a MAXIMUM of 1 Male and 1 Female SOME FUN players on their roster. Any Players that are on Some Fun Roster must be highlighted on any Lotsa Fun Roster to show they are pickups from Some Fun. Rosters are to be handed in after 1st game (in order to get into the draw rosters must be in before start of tournament). MAXIMUM 15 PLAYERS ON EACH ROSTER.

3. Each player in the Tournament is allowed to be on 2 rosters in the same division. There will be no adjustments made for players that are playing on more than one team if games overlap.

4. Game times are 1 hour & 20 minutes with no new innings to start after 1 hour 5 minutes for all games except the semi-final and final games in all divisions.

5. Be at your field, ready to play 15 minutes prior to your start time or the opposing team may be awarded the default 7-0 win.

6. Winning team is responsible for texting picture of score card to 250-919-5753 (right after their game) and handing in score card to information desk at Moir or Kinsmen Quads

7. No alcohol will be permitted on the playing field, in the dugouts or outside of the designated areas. Any infraction of this rule could see you and your team disqualified from this event.

8. When a ball is batted out of the park, the team has to send someone to retrieve the ball right away or the next batter may be called out.

9. QUAD 3 HOME RUN RULES If a batter hits the ball over the fence it is a home run but if it’s hit over the netting it is an automatic 2 out (the batter and the next batter). No runners advance. If the same batter hits over the net again, that batter is ejected from the game and it is still an automatic 2 outs again. That batter’s place in the batting lineup is an automatic out for the rest of the game. If the offending home run exceeds the home run limit, then it is a 3rd out as well (the batter and the next 2 batters). All of the outs will carry over to the next inning if need be.

10. Home Run limit is 2 +1. The one up rule is in effect only after both teams have reached the home run limit. Once both teams have reached their home run limit, either team may hit an additional home run, however, no team may ever go more than one home run up on the other team. Any additional home runs above the one up will be scored an out. The home team, in the bottom of the last inning, may hit a home run to pull even in the number of home runs as the opposing team, but may not hit a home run to go one up.

11. Runs scored will be limited to 6 runs per inning with the 7th (or last inning) and later innings being open. The following mercy rules are also in effect; 15 runs ahead after the 4th inning, 10 runs ahead after the 5th or later innings.

12. Sliding to 2nd & 3rd is permitted. When running to home base the runner may not touch home plate or they will be called out. Commitment line is 15’ from home plate. Scoring (safety) line at home plate is from the base line to the backstop.

13. Pitches must be a minimum of 6’ and a maximum of 12’. A strike mat will be used for the SOME FUN and LOTSA FUN divisions.

14. Bunting is permitted by ladies only.

15. Infield Fly: is a fair fly ball, not including a line drive, which can be caught by an infielder with ordinary effort when first and second OR first, second and third bases are occupied with less than 2 out. Any fielder can catch an infield fly. The umpire shall declare “INFIELD FLY – BATTER IS OUT, IF FAIR”. The ball is alive and runners may advance at the risk of the ball being caught or tag up and advance after a fielder touches the ball.

16. Base runners may not tag up and advance on a caught 3rd strike foul fly ball, the batter is out and the ball is dead. Base runners may tag up and advance on a caught 1st or 2nd strike foul fly ball, the batter is out but the ball is live.

17. Any walk to a male batter with a female on deck results in him getting a double and she has the option of hitting or taking first base.

18. 3 Courtesy runners allowed per game. Male for male, female for female. Batter must at least get to 1st base.

19. Home team will be determined by the flip of a coin in bracket and playoffs.

20. Batting order must consist of 6 males and 4 females or 7 males and 5 females. No more than 2 males may bat in succession.

21. These are highlights and special tournament rules. If not listed above NSA Canada rules apply.

22. The Winner of LOTSA FUN will be entitled to free entry into the SOME FUN division for the next year.

23. The tournament committee reserves the right to move teams into the appropriate division and to amend the tournament as necessary due to errors, omissions or other unforeseen circumstances.

Thank you for helping us build a better Cranbrook. All profits raised from this event go right back into our ball parks. Have a great weekend, play hard but please don’t drink and drive.



‘A’ 1st — $2000          2nd — $1000

‘B’ 1st — $500 & Apparel          2nd — Apparel

‘C’ 1st — Free entry next year & Apparel          2nd — Apparel

‘D’ 1st — Apparel          2nd — Apparel


‘A’ 1st — Free entry to SOME FUN next year & Apparel          2nd — Apparel

‘B’ 1st — Apparel

‘C’ 1st — Apparel